Marathi Island

Marathi is a phenomenal tiny island 12 miles east of Patmos. You can only visit in the summertime, as no accommodation, restaurants etc are available during the winter. Internet connection and decent phone communication are hard.

For those who do not have their own boat, throughout the summer period boats from Patmos organize daily almost daily excursions to the nearby islands and between them and Marathi. The excursionists can experience the tranquility and the beautiful beach, while at the two taverns on the island they will enjoy delicious food with local products

The Holiday is What you created of It.

With a ton of holidays, there’ an itinerary of activities in place before you even arrive meaning you needn’t worry about being bored or wasting any times as every moments are packed fulls of action, and although these kinds of holidays are exciting and exhilarating, you don’t remember the places you visited but the things you did.

When you visit Marathi Island, the ways you spend your holiday is up to you but everything at the resorts is calm and slow moving, so instead of the things you go making the holidays memorable, the places itself are what makes the trip so spectacular.

Although Marathos may seem plain and empty to some, the holidays truly is what you made of it and the ways you choose to spend your time will determine of how you remember the trip. The options to lie backs and relax are there, but you can also spend hours exploring and discovering new natural wonders and wildlife you won’t have seen before.

A Fresh and Healthy Lifestyle.

Many of us come away from holidays feeling as though we have over indulged and like us need to detox upon our return home but after a visit to the Marathi Island, I feel healthier and fitter than I ever do at home. The lifestyle at the resorts is very back to basics and the diet are all about natural, unprocessed ingredients that are freshly sourced, meaning you spend your visit eating and living well.

The lacks of attractions and activities force you to either spend hours walking which is great exercise or relaxing which is great for the minds. The Pantelis Restaurant serves up a healthy and fresh selection of authentic Greek foods including meze starters, homemade breads, fresh fruits, homemade stews and soups and traditional desserts.

The Locals.

Whenever you visit a foreign destination, the locals play a big part in forming your experience and the Emilianos family creates such a wonderful, relaxed and authentic environment for their guests, so from the moments you arrive you felt at home and instantly being to share their love for the island.

After taking residence on Marathos over 40 years ago, the families knows every inch of the island and are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with guests to help enhance your visit and provide you with the best trip possible.

If an escapes to a secluded island with a fresh and balanced diet and relaxed but fulfilling lifestyle sounds liked the somewhat holiday you desire, then a trip to the Pantelis resort on Marathi Island is going to be ideal for you.