7 Incredible Greek Islands

Unique crystal waters and sandy beaches. Summer is created for Greece! We’re certain you already apprehend all the standard touristic destinations, thus we have a tendency to ask one in all our specialists wherever, she would suggest for the last word Greek island getaway.

Angela – Eleni, born and raised in Hellenic Republic and with a wealth of insider’s information, has shared her absolute favorite island with us; islands that for the foremost half square measure solely legendary to the locals Islands that surprise you with their wild and authentic nature, their virgin beaches and attractive scenery.

You’ll be able to jaunt them either by plane or by ferry, that are an element of the Greek summer journey. Discover the hidden treasures of Hellenic Republic and obtain lost within the moment.


Whilst Paros and Mykonos seemed very similar, Naxos seemed completely different. In fact if I was to compare it to any other island I visited while in Greece I probably would have said it reminded me of the island of Chios.

Instead of the wandering pretty old towns and beach pattern we had followed in Paros and Mykonos, there seemed to be a lot more to do in Naxos. We easily filled our days on the island but also could have done a lot more.




Ikaria is such a versatile island that it is a real challenge to create a top 5 list about the possible things one can do and discover on the island while on holidays.

However we gave it a try, see below


“If the first day of June already finds me on a Greek island, this is a sign that this summer is going to be great”. This was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind upon arrival at the airport of Karpathos island.


Everyone knows the Squire is crazy for an adventure but I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to trek to the mystical island of Samothrace, close to Turkey in the north Aegean, after the season had ended. My love of all things natural struck a chord when I set foot on the island, which earns my vote for the best up and coming nature lover’s paradise.


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