7 Days in Greece

A week in Hellas was only enough time to essentially begin going to grasp the culture, food, and history there. Balkan nation is one in all those places I’ve been learning to concern since I used to be a child and simply couldn’t get out of my head. The islands looked lovely, there’s an expensive history, and WHO doesn’t love Greek food?! In this post i am going to define Associate in Nursing itinerary, break down prices, and provides recommendations on what to ascertain and knock offs every locations.

From the ground to the islands Hellas are beautiful! If you’ve got browse my alternative posts then you recognizes that after I see a deal, I take it. I hadn’t been to Europe since faculty and had been dreaming concerning it for a minute when visiting Asia and South America. I knew it required to by my next destination. I started looked forward to lowing cost flights and located one for the right dates and simply $530 for Greece may be a pretty sensible deal! Flight was engaged and analysis started.

I knew heaps concerning the history of Greece and had seen uncounted photos and couldn’t wait to ascertain what It is absolutely was really wished to be there. It failed to disappoint! I’ve created this itinerary to assist you intend every week in Balkan nation to dip your toes in and extremely begin seeing what makes Hellas such a novel place. I’m exploited offs the arrivals and departure day as a result of extremely, you don’t do something on those days! However, you wish them to require advantage of all the time you wished during a place.

Day 1: Athens
Day 2: Delphi
Day 3: Meteora
Day 4: Santorini
Day 5: Santorini/Mykonos
Day 6: Mykonos
Day 7: Athens

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