6 Reasons to Visit Greece During Summer

Inspired cuisine, passionate music, startling thrill-seeking activities and sun-kissed beaches at the endless coastline of Greece are enough to fascinate any travel enthusiast. Moreover, what more you can say about the vigorous Greek Culture, isn’t that out of the world? It’s! Perhaps this is the reason why voyagers often die to visit Greece.

Though you’ve already searched a lot of things about Greece but here I’ll be very specific with 6 top reasons to visit Greece during summer.

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1. The Islands

There are oodles of Greek ideas that are ideal for a family vacation and why just family only, bachelors can too have equal fun. The beauty of mesmerizing Islands will simply leave you speechless no matter for what purpose or for how long duration you get to visit. Some major Islands include-

Kokkini Hani, Crete- Offers best hotels with pools and a seafront as well as plenty of playful thrilling activities.
Agios Nikolaos, Crete- Brings to you a variety of nearby beaches with the hollow, placid water, ideal for young and olds alike.
Corfu, Ionian islands- Great beaches, history and budget-friendly
Zakynthos, Ionian islands- Great beaches, ideally perfect for social teenagers

2. Beaches

For the vacation-goers who want to have relax and rejuvenate their vacation in a cool and calm ambiance, Greek beaches are just wonderful for them. Recently, it has been ranked number two in the world on the 2017 Blue Flag quality award list. You would love to explore these awarded beaches for sure.

3. The abiding History

There are more than many worth exploring ruins in Greece you can’t even dare to count. Acropolis and Knossos are some chosen ones where you should definitely visit. Just walk down the street stumble across a fenced off area of ancientness!

4. Special sweet dishes made with Authentic Greek Honey

While you are in Greece make sure you indulge in some Greek Sweets irrespective of the season. There is a widest list of sweet range to choose from. You can find a lot of traditional choose and can taste the sample of everything from honey pies to dumplings (fried thin pastry with honey).

5. Bike Rides

Whether you are visiting Greece as a solo traveler, or as a couple, you never have to look for a taxi to reach the nearby area. You can ride on your own through Bike rides. Just hire a local bike and roam like a local. You can have it around 15 euros for a full day and can travel anywhere you want. Since Islands are the ideal setting to enjoy yourself, renting a bike will be a great idea.

6. Culture, Food and Hospitality

Whether you are heading to taverna which offer mouth-watering Greek dishes or a bouzaki club to enjoy the traditional greek music, you will always be close to the best Greek culture while enjoying their tremendously warming hospitality.

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