Travel to Evia

The capital of Evia, Chalkida, has been the capital since antiquity. It’s a contemporary city these days, with several retailers, banks, bars, restaurants so on. this is often conjointly wherever the bridge and ferryboats to and from the solid ground area unit. Here, you’ll visit a stimulating archeological repository and see the ruins of ancient temples, yet as a fifteenth century defensive structure. 

The second largest city is Eretria, and this was conjointly a vital monetary and cultural center in ancient Greece. It conjointly has Associate in Nursing archeological repository, and you’ll see ancient ruins of a theater, home sand temples here.Kimi is settled high on top of the ocean, and here you’ll visit a traditional knowledge repository, yet as ancient ruins and a Byzantine cloister. 

This is often one in every of the oldest cities on Evia. Limni is another fascinating city. Here, you’ll visit the convent of Galataki, and see ancient remains. Note: once visiting a cloister, ensure you’redressed accordingly:

longs skirts and lined shoulders for ladies, pants for men.Edipsos has had healing baths since precedent days, and you’ll relish the spas to the current day. You’ll conjointly visit the location of Associate in Nursing ancient city here. There area unit many villages on Evia to go to, and that I may do injustice to those I do not mention here. 

I would like to assure you that there area unit more to go to than the subsequent.Paleochora has a stimulating cave, yet as many remains from antiquity. In Abu Nidal Organization Potamia you’ll visit a kastro engineered by the Franks throughout the center Ages. In Rouvies there accustomed be Associate in Nursing oracle dedicated to Greek deity, and here you’ll visit a stimulating cloister referred to as Osiou David Geronta.

At Orei there’s another defensive structure engineered by the Franks, and close is that the pretty plain of Istea. In Gialtra there area unit springs with action waters. There area unit hot wells in Therma yet.


There are beaches all round the island. Simply to say a few:  Artaki, Nea Stira, Heliadou, Kimi, Angali, Agiokambos and Agios Georgis.


For a good sort of bar and clubs, Chalkida is that the best place for you since it’s the largest city on Evia. Do not expect the wild partying of islands like Kos and Ios though: 

Evia is extremely abundant a Greek resort, and that they have a lot of relaxed angle to alcohol and symptom. You may additionally realize several bars within the completely different villages rounded the island.


Evia is extremely abundant a conventional island, and you will realize that nearly each village has a minimum of one specialty. You’ll be able to sometimes walk into the room to check what’s accessible, since few places have menus in English.ShoppingIn Chalkida and Eretria you will find everything you would like, and within the villages around Evia you will find several nice outlets with ancient things. It’s a really sensible plan to raise what’s specific for the village and acquire that as an award.

Getting Around

There is an in depth network of roads on the island, therefore pop out by about to Chalkida, rent an automotive there and explore Evia. From Chalkida there also are several buses.

Getting there

Evia is connected to the earth with an iron bridge (Chalkida). There also are ferryboats, buses and a railway. Get an immediate flight to Athens, and from there it’s concerning one hour drive (Athens-Chalkida=88 km). Kimi has ferry-boats to and from Volos, Alonissos, Skopelos, Skyros,

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