Top Things To Do In Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is a beautiful village in the Greek island of Rhodes. It is situated 55 km away from the town of Rhodes and 50 km away from Rhodes airport. Although Lindos is a small village there are many things to do and see when you get there. Lindos is very picturesque with white houses, two beautiful beaches within walking distance and a very important archaeological site, the Acropolis of Lindos.

How to get to Lindos Rhodes

There are a few ways you can get to Lindos.

By car: The road going to Lindos is good with a lot of signs. Going by private car is the fastest way to get to Lindos apart from the taxi.

By taxi: You can go to Lindos by taxi but it is quite expensive. From the airport which is 50 km away it will cost you around 63 euros.

By bus (Ktel): You can get the bus to Lindos, it is quiet cheap but it takes a lot of time because it makes a lot of stops on the way. From Rhodes town to Lindos the bus takes 1h 30m and it costs 5,50 € one way.

The Acropolis of Lindos Rhodes

One of the top things to see in the village of Lindos is the Acropolis. The Acropolis can been seen from everywhere in the village since it is situated on the top of a rock. As you enter the village you can follow the path to the Acropolis on foot it is a 10 m ascend or you can take one of the many donkeys. The donkey ride currently cost 5 €. I decided to go on foot, it wasn’t that bad and I felt really sorry for the donkeys. You should be careful as you walk through some of the small roads of the village because the donkeys run pretty fast when they don’t have people on them.

The Golden Age of Lindos was between the 7th and 6th century B.C. Lindos played at the time a leading role in the Greek colonisation movement and it was a major trading centre. In the 6th century B.C. it was ruled by Cleobulus, one of the seven sages of Greece. During his time the temple of Athena was built, on the site of an earlier structure. At the Hellenistic and Roman times more buildings were added. In the 14th century the Knights of St. John built the fortress in order to defend the island against the Ottomans.

As you enter the archaeological site of the Acropolis you will see a relief of a boat carved into the rock that dates from 180 B.C. Then you will climb a large stairway that leads to the administrative buildings of the Knights. As you pass through them you will arrive in an open space. On the first level there is the Byzantine church of St. John built around the 13th or 14th century on the remains of an older church, the remains of a temple probably from the Roman period, a large Hellenistic stoa and the stairway to the Propylaia. On the top of the stairs is the temple of Athena Lindia among other buildings.

The view from the Acropolis is incredible. From there you can see the white houses of the village of Lindos and the main beach along with the beautiful St Paul’s bay.

Try to go to the Acropolis as early as possible because it can get very hot. Put some sunscreen, a hat and take some water with you.

Tickets for Lindos Acropolis cost. Full: 6,00 € Reduced: 3,00€

Other things to do in Lindos Rhodes

You can wander through the little alleyways of Lindos village. Don’t worry if you get lost, they were built like this on purpose to confuse the pirates. You can also admire the big residences of the captains with the big wooden doors and the emblems on the top. I have seen the most amazing doors in Lindos.
There are a lot of cute souvenir shops through the alleys, many bars and restaurants with rooftops offering incredible views.

Lindos Beaches

Your trip to Lindos is incomplete if you don’t go for a swim in one of the two beaches that are within walking distance from the village.

Lindos main beach: As you descend the main road leading to the village on your left-hand sight you will see a sign that says Lindos beach. It is a 5 – 10 min walk from there. The beach has white sand and crystal clear waters. It is an organized beach with sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar.

St Paul’s Bay: If you have been to Lindos Acropolis you will have seen the incredible beach from above. In order to reach St Paul’s Bay you have to walk through the village. It is better to ask the locals for directions once you are there. It is a 15-minute walk to reach the beach. Once you are there you will see two bays a small one with umbrellas and sunbeds on the one side and a bigger one which is organized as well on the other side. There is also the small church of St. Pauls which is a popular venue for weddings due to its incredible location.

Have you ever been to Lindos Rhodes? What did you enjoy the most?