First Day on Skiathos Island, Greece

Hello there – Kalimera!

Skiathos Island, Greece


Skiathos is the only island in the Sporades group of islands that has an airport. The island has charter flights starting end of April (or beginning of May) until October. Most of the charter flights coming from Amsterdam are helaas, red-eye flights.

We arrived on the island at half-past 10 on the morning of Thursday last week on a 06:10 red-eye flight which means we were at Schiphol Amsterdam airport at 04:00 (leaving home at 03:00). I didn’t get to sleep well the night before but I managed to doze off a bit during the less than 3-hour flight, however for the middle-aged me, that was not enough. Checking in to our apartment was easy which I will post a separate entry soon, but I guess I am really getting old because my body just cannot handle a night without the right amount of sleep anymore. I can take a few hours’ sleep but I MUST have a proper laydown rest of at least 4 hours.

You know that saying – The spirit is willing but the body is weak, is very true when you get older. I can only imagine how it is going to be in my 50’s soon. Going downhill, lol. My travel style will for sure drastically change. Maybe I will even travel less?

Needless to say, I slept through the whole afternoon while Dutchman was quick to lay down beside the pool of our apartment village.

‘I thought you were just going to take a nap but instead, you slept for hours!’ complained the Dutchman.

Our holiday apartment is located outside the old town, approximately a 15 to 20-minute walk but we rented a scooter to make things easier for us. Skiathos is a very small island (compared to the islands we have holidayed in the past) so a scooter is the best holiday transportation here unless you are a family then a car would definitely be handier.


Now fully recharged – moi with sleep and Dutchman with the pool relaxation – we walked to the Old Town and picking up a rental scooter on the way. A 50cc scooter is approximately 8-10 Euros per day here on Skiathos. We rented a 50cc and kind of regretted that we should have taken a 70cc instead because the roads to the mountains were quite steep. Very steep that I have to get off the scooter and walk so Dutchman can throttle it up.

On our first day in the Old Town, we only checked out the main pedestrian road, the Papadiamanti street and the old harbour where a lot of cafes, restaurants and boat tours are located. We just needed some welcome drink to Skiathos in our system. We are staying for 2 weeks on the island, so we are not rushing.

skiathos old town

The Mamma Mia film was staged in the Sporades Islands, on Skiathos and Skopelos. The right picture is the house of Papadiamanti, a celebrated Greek author born on this island. His house is now a museum.

skiathos greece

They have an open-air cinema for the Mamma Mia film. I have not seen the film (nor I am interested in seeing it) but I have seen the Mamma Mia Musical in Utrecht Jaarbeurs more than a decade ago.

skiathos greece

The old port is busy with lots of cafes, bars and restaurants. Great place to hang out after a long day at the beach.

skiathos old town