Islands to Visit Close to Athens

There a several islands that a therefore getting ready to Athens that they’ll be reached associate degree exceedingly in a very few hours — or maybe but an hour in some cases. All you would like is to require a high-speed ferry or take a tour boat via the One-Day Cruises that are in commission 364 days a year.

However, several of the islands a therefore bewitching that you can realize that some hours or maybe complete day visiting just isn’t enough, therefore take care to examine out your destinations beforehand on-line and see if you would possibly take into account staying overnight or outlay the weekend there! Here a the simplest islands to go to that a getting ready to Athens:


On a transparent day you’ll truly see the define of this island from the mainland, Athens. The trip to Aegina may be done by the high-speed Flying Dolphin or the quality ferry. Once there, this island is ideal for athletics, restful on the beach, visiting the Temple of Aphaia higher than the port city of Aghia dock and enjoying recent food on the little coastal village of Perdika.
In all, an excellent excursion, however additionally a pleasant different if you wish to go to Athens as on a daily basis trip And be AN island concerning an hour or less aloof from the mainland. Travel time from Piraeus: forty Minutes.


This island is smaller and situated close to Aegina. its wonderful beaches and sparkling clear water. maybe this is often why it had been one in every of the primary islands in Balkan state to own a naturist beach, that continues to be open these days.
The island as a full is quiet and quaint with abundant of the less traveled elements being principally agricultural. The village of Limineria, named once its lake, is created of nativeGreeks World Health Organization devote themselves principally to farming and fishing. These islands close to Athens also are a decent alternative for the winter months once weather is unpredictable and you don’t wish to be too removed from Athens. Travel time from Piraeus: fifty-five Minutes.


Although Hydra isn’t illustrious for sandy beaches, that doesn’t stop locals and tourists from swimming on the rocky shorelines of this distinctive island. The city district is lined with cafes, restaurants, and outlets, where as the city has been restored and is precisely because it was within the 1800s once the islanders engineered it following monetary gains from piracy and blockade running.

Since there aren’t any cars allowed on the island, you may genuinely feel like you’re within the 1800s with donkeys passing you by on the slender walkways. However, if you grow uninterested in walking, there area unit water-taxis at your service. Conjointly their area unit some fantastic food restaurants within the village of Kamina.

Again, you’ll be able to choose the day, or keep the night, with excursions to Ancient urban center, Epidavros and therefore the beaches of the Peloponnesus wherever there’s lots to be seen. Travel time from Piraeus: one.5 to a pair of Hours.


Poros is ideally set for those eager to be in shut proximity to Athens, Nafplio, Myceneae, and Epidavros. It takes but AN hour by ferry from Piraeus to urge there, however once you arrive, you may feel a whole separation from the hustle and bustle of the dry land. There a lovely forests on Poros, water sports, beaches likewise as tiny tantalizing city squares lined with outlets, building sand cafes. Travel time from Piraeus: one Hour.


Spetses could be a lovely island with a protracted service tradition, a picturesque previous harbor and within the city center of Dápia, tourists will notice city squares lined with retailers and cafes.

There area unit several lovely beaches on this island and plenty of area unit drawn thereto due to its romantic attract, as you’ll take a romantic trip round the island in equip carriages — a requirement do once visiting this gorgeous island.

Also, Spetses could be a well-liked destination for sports lovers as per annum the triathlon, “Spetsathlon,“ takes place wherever thousands of athletes from round the world participate during a race of swimming, biking and running. Travel time from Piraeus: a pair of the three Hours.