Information and things to do in Thessaloniki.

Oh I just love Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki is a wonderful city to walk around, particularly during spring, before the weather starts boiling you.
The two must-see of the city is the sea waterfront, which practically surrounds the city and the castles in the north part, with an amazing view. Then, you can go inside the white tower or visit some museums, such as Ataturk’s museum, Byzantium museum or the archaeological museum.

But it is an extremely lively city with hundreds of places to eat, drink, have coffee. The city lives through its lifestyle. Beside the traditional taverns which you can find in every corner, you can go and enjoy Chinese cuisine, sushi (made from Japanese chefs), brunch, american cuisine, hipster cafeterias and even old, ex Jewish mansions that have been transformed into cafe-bars

Byzantine churches.

Thessaloniki are most proud of, their Byzantine churches. Among the most impressive are:

Church of Agios Dimitrios

Church of Hagia Sofia

Church of Chalkeon

and Rotonta (actually a museum)

If you go to “Chalkeon”, walk across Egnatia street into one of the most colorful markets in the city, “Kapani” or “Vlali” (Kapani – Thessaloniki’s open market )

Dont’ miss to go to Aristotelous square and then stroll by the waterfront (“paralia”) all the way to “Leykos Pirgos” (or White Tower..)

If you like shopping, “Tsimiski” is the shopping center of the city (although, most people now may go to the Makedonia mall, outside of the city)

At night, “Ladadika” is popular, and of course all the cafes in the waterfront.

Where to stay

We stayed for a while in Caravan B&B.Everything about it was wonderful. The staff were friendly and attentive and ready to help and give advice in any way. From the moment we arrived (after a long drive from ATHENS) we felt relaxed in the ambiance.. The room was spacious and the bed was comfortable and all needs catered for. The breakfast was a mini banquet and set us up for the days ahead. The themed decor and style are triumphs of design and inspiration and the hotel founders deserve great credit to create such an Iconic place to stay in this wonderful city.


For more ideas and more information,i will write again for this wonderful city in my next Article