Vourvourou Travel Guide

Vourvourou may be a sensible place for those seeking for a true vacation in a number of the accommodations whose frontwards lead on to the beach, and their area unit heaps of villas and hotels like that here.

Vourvourou is much a well-developed weekend-town, appropriate for an additional elite class of this Greek region and are characterized by a good variety of luxurious non-public homes, and nicely organized villas to the rent with flourishing gardens and nicely organize yards.

The beach within the city isn’t one in every of the simplest acknowledged in Sithonia (it is slim and there happens to be heaps of grass), however it’s sandy, encompasses a shoal and may extremely serve the aim. One in every of the benefits of this city is that the beach Karidi is close that is actually counted among the foremost stunning beach in Sihtonia. It’s acknowledged for the turquoise and clear water and being terribly appealing may be a reason tourists from everywhere Sithonia need to coming back here.

Beside the beach towards the additional central space the mountain Itamos rises and their area unit several hiking lanes all the means there.Vourvourou is special as a result of in its proximity there’s AN ground of 9 islands, Diaporos being the most important one.

In this sense Vourvourou offers one thing that no different place on Sithonia will which is boat to rent and about to the Diaporos island, disbursement time within the water on the little beaches on the island with the turquoise water and also the read of the blue lake. Here the water on the beaches are incredibly calm and heat as they’re hidden from the wind and cold currents by islands.

In the city there area unit some markets for provides, several pizzerias and restaurants.Vourvourou may be a good place summer resort for peaceful and family holidays because of its nice variety of fantastic and splendid hotels and villas with pools and flourishing gardens that lead on to the beach, while not having to pass the road.

On the opposite facet, close Vourvourou there area unit a number of the foremost stunning beach on Sithonia, however conjointly extraordinary places and every one of these makes it the wonderful base for seeing the rest of Sithonia.

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