“If the first day of June already finds me on a Greek island, this is a sign that this summer is going to be great”. This was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind upon arrival at the airport of Karpathos island.

Even though I grew up in Greece, I never had the chance to visit Karpathos. With my family and friends, we used to always spend summers in Samos, where my mom has a family house there. I can’t tell you enough how happy I was, when the official Greek Tourism board invited me to join a group of journalists and gave me this chance to finally visit Karpathos island, take some photos and publish them on The Viennese Girl blog.

Things that I truly loved in Karpathos island during my stay:

everything about the traditional village Olympos.
the restaurant Under the tree in Finiki. The owner cooked for us something I will never ever forget in my life. It was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten: Crab Salad!!! To die for!
waking up to the seaview from my hotel room every morning.
a little bit of “me time” on the last day and discover the island on my own. I looked for green soaps made of olive oil to buy, treated myself twice with iced coffee latte in a cafe called Anoi all day bar in Pigadia (the town of the island) and ate lots of Yogeat Frozen Yogurt.
If you consider spending your summer holidays in Karpathos island, make sure to book your tickets with myAustrian Holidays that flies you directly from Vienna to Karpathos twice a week until the 28th of September this year.

And just to get you in the mood for Karpathos, watch this video.

I gathered a few extra travel tips that might be useful for your holidays in Karpathos:

Restaurants we visited in Karpathos: Mama Maria in Pigadia, Under the Tree in Finiki, Petalouda in Arkassa, I zoi ton Aggelon in Pigadia, Kafe Skopi of Manolis in Mesochori.

Car rental companies: Budget, Sofias car rental, Makris Travel in Pigadia.

karpathos island

karpathos island

karpathos island