Travel to Lipsi

An island ideal for peaceful vacation, with lovely landscape and native people that supplies inner peace. The inhabitants of the island say that it absolutely was the place itself and not the witch Calypso, that delighted Odysseus, creating him deviate from his route on his come back to Ithaca.

Lipsi island is located within the north a part of Aegean island and is that the largest island among a fancy of smaller islands and islets, that area unit of nice environmental interest (the area unit a part of the Natura network). The island is found between Patmos and Leros and was at the start colonized throughout prehistoric age. The trendy settlement was supported in 1669 by a Cretan referred to as Ilias. The island of Lipsi was formally united with Balkan nation in 1948. It extends over a surface of sixteen kilometer its outline is thirty-five km and counts 700 inhabitants.

It is reached by ferry from Leros and Patmos’ ports severally. Locals can tell you this tiny island (just 8km long) got its name as a result of this can be wherever the attractive nymph Calypso detained mythical being, delaying his trip home to Ithaca, and his better half Penelope, by many years.

It’s definitely a decent place to get through it slow. The one village settlement is pretty and their area unit some nice beaches to explore. What to try to maybe the simplest of the beaches be Hohlakoura, with its bright white pebbles and fascinating rock formations. It’s a bit directly to induce to, with the sole road being a touch rough, therefore there area unit boat visits instead.